Auction-0002: 1-Year Membership Access: ALL Baccarat Titles

This auction is for a 1-Year Membership Access to ALL Baccarat eBooks below:

The minimum starting bid is US$100 with increments of US$5. There is also a reserve price that is hidden.

There is also a BUY IT NOW option and if a bidder clicks this and makes the purchase, the auction is also considered CLOSED.

Once the auction is CLOSED, the highest bidder is the winner and as long as the winning bid is equal to or greater than the reserve price, the winner will be entitled to buy this 1-Year Membership Access to all 4 Baccarat titles at the winning bid price. An email will be sent to the winner to make payment. Once payment has been made via PayPal, an account will be setup to grant full access. Please take note that these eBooks cannot be downloaded and can only be read online using your preferred internet browser.

Please note that the normal cost of a 1-Year Membership Access can be purchased for US$268 and it is highly likely that the auction’s winning bid will be a lot lower than the listed fee.

NOTE: In order to submit a bid, you must first register yourself – registration is free. Login with your credentials and then make your bid. You will be notified if someone outbids you or if you have the winning bid when the auction is closed. If someone outbids you, you can login again and submit a higher bid. If you are the winner you must then make payment based on your bid value. If you do not do so within 48 hours, it will be voided.