How do I read the publications on this site?

To read any of the publications, you must, first of all, have a valid membership for that particular publication. You must have registered and then login with your membership credentials. Once you are login, all you have to do is click on the appropriate links for the publication. You do not have to download or install anything. You can only read publications while you are online and connected to the internet. You cannot download to read offline.

How do I pay for Membership Access?

All Membership Subscriptions are paid via PayPal. You purchase a membership for a publication you want to have access to.

What other modes of payment do you have apart from PayPal?

Apart from PayPal, the only other way to pay is via Western Union or by Bank Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Please use the contact us form to get details on how to do it if you wish to use these options. If you use Payoneer we can also try to process your payment through them.

What do I get when I pay for Membership Access to a Publication?

When you purchase a Membership Access to a Publication, you are paying for the membership authorization to access and read the publication online. There are no restrictions as to how many times you can access the publication. The publication cannot be downloaded to be read offline. It must be read online while you are connected to the internet. You must also be logged in using the account you made the purchase with in order to access your paid content. You do not receive anything physical either.

Can I order printed books for the Publications?

If you have purchased the Membership Access to a Publication, it may be possible for you to also order the physical printed books but there will be an extra charge for printing on demand and shipping to you. Please contact us if you wish to order but only after you have purchased a Membership Access to a Publication, otherwise you do not qualify for this extra service.

Additional payment for printed versions:

The Baccarat Code:  US$247 + FedEx US$50 = US$297

F-15 Baccarat: US$247 + FedEx US$50 = US$297

Baccarat Advanced Dynamic-D: US$447 + FedEx US$50 = US$497

Please email Dr. Lim directly to order any of the above:  [email protected]

What is the membership validity period for accessing the Publications?

The time limit for all memberships for accessing the publications will depend on which option you purchased. You can access it as often as you wish as long as your membership has not expired. Access is strictly limited to your login credentials only and you are not authorized to share this with anyone.  We do monitor the number of different IP addresses used by your membership account to access the publication and if it exceeds 3 or looks suspicious your account will be locked.

Can I download the e-books to read on my local device?

No, you cannot. These ebook formats are different to the usual PDF files which you can download. Our ebook publications can only be read online while you are connected to the internet.