Auction Feature is LIVE

We are pleased to announce that we have today released an AUCTIONS feature whereby registered users can submit bids for live auctions.

We will have just one active auction that will last approx. 24 hours only (+/- a few hours).

The highest bidder at the close of the auction gets the right to purchase a 1-Year Membership Access to the Baccarat eBooks bundle consisting of the 4 eBooks below:

The above bundle typically sell for US$688 for 8-Years Membership Access. The auction winning bid should be much lower and thus offering our loyal visitors a chance to grab the bundle at a bargain price.

Once the auction is closed, the highest bidder will be notified of the outcome and the winner must then make the payment via PayPal within 48 hours or the right to purchase at whatever the winning price is will be voided.

Each auction will also have a reserve price set and the winning bid must be at least equal to the reserve price for it to be valid. The reserve price will vary from auction to auction to keep it interesting.

Once an auction is closed and payment has been made, an account will be setup and the winner will then be able to access the eBooks online with login credentials that will be emailed.

These eBooks can only be viewed online and cannot be downloaded or printed.

Good luck bidding! Have fun!

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